Smoking cessation   Weight loss or gain   Fears & anxiety   Time/stress management   Habits & addictions
Relationship concerns   Low self-esteem   Higher spirituality   Goals & purposes    Health & overall wellbeing
Psychic awareness     Abuse (physical, sexual & emotional)                   
My work covers a wide range of issues including many not included above.  Please contact me if you unable to find what you seek.

Basic information about traditional hypnosis and self-hypnosis that deal with stress, self-esteem, weight management, pain management, smoking cessation, goals & directions, and other areas.

Hypnosis used as part of a therapeutic process focused on getting to the root causes of problems.  Work with the Inner Child, past lives, inner guides, archetypes or following a five-phase clearing protocol.

Awakening and being consciously aware in the moment.

Links to over forty articles covering all aspects of Espahbad’s work.

Espahbad’s background and training.  Also, the way services are charged for.

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Espahbad appeared at the perfect time for me to begin closing my circle of healing.  Knowing it lasts forever, my journey is gentler now because of my work.     (
N.T., artist)



Many years ago, I chose the name “Inner Resources” for my hypnotherapy practice because I have always considered developing new skills as a central benefit of my work.  The doorway in the background of my website is meant to symbolize transition and the opening of new horizons because hypnosis is a way of exploring new life paths.  “Alchemy,” as here used, has nothing to do finding immortality or transforming one metal into another.  It is a metaphorical way of considering the inner transformation which occurs when one integrates and heals all parts of self. 

 In this website, my intention is to provide you with the basic information needed to appraise its suitability of my work to your particular needs.  In doing so, I distinguish hypnosis from hypnotherapy.  The former tends to be passive in nature, while the later is fundamentally interactive. 

 My role is NOT that of a “therapist,” but of a guide and friend.   I can help you clarify your life purposes, resolve a specific challenge, or advance on the path of higher consciousness.  I’ve watched many people transform their lives through the simple elegance and power of hypnosis.  In my estimation, if more people used hypnosis, they would heal faster, be far more relaxed, dramatically improve their relationships and generally have a more fulfilling life.

 Hypnosis is about changing your mind – your unconscious mind – to set the stage for a different life.  It is self-help to the extent that you accept the suggestions given and follow the guidance provided.  You retain control of the process and freely integrate the benefits as they multiply from session to session.  In the process of working through a specific issue such as weight, smoking or anxiety, other aspects of your life are likely to come into focus and change for the better.  And it could all happen so subtly that you’re not even aware of it!

 I am happy to answer any questions you have and look forward to working with you. 

                                                                                                                               In health and well-being,

                                                                                                                               Espahbad Dodd


Many clients try various modalities before coming to hypnosis.  This work tends to build on any previous work done.


Traditional hypnosis is passive, guiding clients into a relaxed state through metaphorical storytelling, and helpful suggestions focused on the issue in question.


This work is usually interactive, guiding clients into a hypnotic trance where they carry on an active dialogue with the practitioner about their experience.  The goal of hypnotherapy is to promote emotional healing and life change.  


This very unique application of hypnosis expedites awakening in the belief that seeds of enlightenment are already planted in the unconscious and can be stimulated to grow. 


Past clients acknowledge the profound effects it has on their lives.  Here are a few examples… 

Espahbad helped me with travel fear, post-surgical healing, family baggage, and artistic openness and expression.  I always felt a great peace after leaving his studio.  And as it turns out, this is a lasting peace.  Highly recommended!      (W.R., writer)

My whole life changed for the better.  I stopped drinking too much wine, overeating and I started sleeping once again.  My connection with God grew significantly.     (C.S., mother and home-maker)

It was relaxing and energizing.  The issues became crystal clear and my resolve for change very strong.  I lost 28 pounds effortlessly – like a miracle!      (K.B., registered nurse)

Cuts to the core of the matter, deals with issues and moves on without laboring the point.  I like the speed and intensity… was one of the most worthwhile things I’ve done.     (T.B., massage therapist) 

I now deal with the fear I had.  I understand that because of bad programming, I did things which I now have a clearer awareness of.  It has changed my life.     (D.W., real estate agent)

Different from any other therapy I’ve done… I worked through some old issues and put them to rest in a pro-active way.        (J.W., management consultant)

I am calmer now and have tools to work through being uncomfortable, knowing it is part of the process.  I am more joyful for longer periods of time, finally embracing the reality that I am a spiritual being having a human experience.  With much gratitude, I am much closer to forgiving and loving myself unconditionally.  I feel my heart opening!     (N.T., artist)

We tried a number of different approaches but it wasn’t until we got to the Conference Room that I saw major changes.           (A.N., landscape architect)